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About ZiSKiND.com

This site began in 1995 when I learned HTML and began putting together web applications. That original site, called Lem Con One featured three major sections, a guide to HTML, a search engine for public domain web graphics, and an archive of door game files from the BBS, The Desert Oasis, that I ran in the mid-nineties. Over the years, the HTML guide became irrelevant and mainstream search engines provided amazing image search capabilities so those pages are no longer here. However, the BBS door game archive for Trade Wars 2002 and Operation: Overkill II remain popular so they are still here.

The site was redesigned in 1997 adding lots of personal details about myself including a friends list, photo gallery of my travels, and work details: resume, web development portfolio, art portfolio, and technology papers I've authored. Since then, consumer social networking sites have replaced the need to maintain a site linking friends and photo galleries, and professional sites have done the same on the business side.

In July 2010, I decided to revise Ziskind.com, removing content made redundant by my profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. I also took the opportunity to merge my father, Jerry Ziskind's, writings into the site so I have a simpler platform to publish more of his writing in the future. The BBS door games archive remains as the only part of the site to survive since 1995. Since this was the first major overhaul to the site since 2001, I took the opportunity to dabble in HTML5 and CSS, leveraging some techniques from Google's HTML5Rocks demo site.